Without question, the most far-reaching piece of
legislation in the health care arena ever put into law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
poses many challenges for employers. We provide our clients with the information necessary to make decisions concerning:

Is our plan "grandfathered"?

What changes if our plan loses "grandfathered"

How can I determine whether choices I make
will alter "grandfathered" status?

What changes must we make in our plan, and
by what dates?

Should we apply for the Early Retiree
Reimbursement Program?

How will the decisions we make now affect us
in the long-term, especially concerning employee
satisfaction/retention, cost, and competitiveness?

What ramifications will the establishment of
Exchanges have on our ability to manage our
medical plan?

Are our costs going to continue to rise?

Should we consider changing some of our
current benefit offerings (e.g., vision) to voluntary